Nest Fragrance Parfums: Black Tulip and Indigo Review

Pleasant and beautiful fragrances are a big deal for me, and it seems like I’m always on the lookout for that perfect scent. As with most things in my world, it is ever changing based on the season and my mood. I also like scents that work well not only with my body chemistry but also with each other since I prefer to layer my fragrances.

A few years back while shopping in Venice, California I discovered Nest Fragrances Candles and have been a fan of the brand ever since. This luxury lifestyle brand has products for the home, body, and bath.  I never really thought about or wondered if I would like any of their other products especially since I loved the candles so much! That was my bad as I have recently fallen hard for their perfumes. And with that discovery, it was time for me to go into full research mode on the brand that is well known for their outstanding fragrances, luxurious formulas, and ultra-sleek packaging!

Fun fact…The Nest Fragrance Parfum Collection (the personal fragrances) came about when Nest founder Laura Slatkin came across artwork from 18th Century British artist Mary Delany. She then collaborated with master perfumers to translate these works of art into luxurious fragrances that capture the essence of each of the botanicals that adorn the products’ bottles and boxes.

To be completely honest I enjoy the nose on all the scents, but let the dry down steer me toward the best ones for me. The winners were Black Tulip and IndigoI can wear them alone or layered with other scents.

Nest Perfume In Black Tulip
Nest Perfume In Black Tulip

Black Tulip- This warm floral scent is perfect for the Spring/Summer. The keynotes evoke a fresh, alluring scent that is both provocative and mysterious.

Key Notes: Black Amber Plum, Japanese Violet, Pink Pepper, Patchouli

Nest Fragrance In Indigo
Nest Perfume In Indigo

Indigo- For this one think feminine, sultry and woodsy. Be warned once your olfactory receptors are awakened by those first notes its beauty will intoxicate you! This one is good as a year-round fragrance.

Key Notes: Moroccan Tea, Kashmir Wood, Black Cardamon, Wild Fig

I have my eye and nose on a few more scents from Nest Fragrance Parfums! Stop back by after you try one of my faves or any of the others to tell me what you think!

Until soon…Toodles