New Year, New You: Hiatus Spa + Retreat

Taking care of one’s self and lots of self- love is a requirement for our well-being. So kicking off the year with some spa time and pampering is a must! As the saying goes…”New Year, New You” falls right in line.

Treatment Room At Hiatus Spa

One of my favorite ways and places to do this is at Hiatus Spa + Retreat. They offer amazing massages, body treatments, facials, and much more. They also have a cool monthly spa subscription that I think needs to be on my list of things to join/sign up for this month. I love the fact that they stay on top of the trends and what’s the latest and greatest in skincare, techniques, and technology in their industry.

They recently added some new services to the menu, and I got a chance to pick the brain of Mason Hickman, Director of Education to get the scoop

Q. You guys already have a wonderful assortment of services on your menu because you offer something for everyone. Tell us how these new services fit into the mix?

A. We’re always looking for ways to make our menu more well-rounded and appealing. The Perfect Body Lift, for example, is the first service we’ve ever offered that targets the midsection to address cellulite concerns with the help of some very advanced products, and the Turkish Delight was inspired by the centuries-old bathing traditions in Turkey, so we love to stay ahead of the curve and come up with ways to keep it interesting. 

Essential Oils

Q. Now I must say the Epic Mani-Pedi indeed looks epic! Tell us more about these local ingredients and the handcrafted crafted polish exfoliate? 

A. Our Epic Mani-Pedi usually goes hand-in-hand with our Monthly Retreat, so you’ll often see the same ingredients incorporated into the Epic. If we’re using an ingredient that’s in season and grown locally, we try to source supplies from nearby or regional farms when possible. 

Spa Ready

Q. One last question…what can I expect from The Turkish Delight? If the description is any indication, I think I’ve found my heaven on earth! 

A. The Turkish Delight is unlike anything you’ll experience anywhere. Probably most surreal is being covered in a mountain of tiny suds, it lends a sense of weightlessness and floating. And for many Guest’s, the Turkish is the first time they’ve ever received a full-body clay mask, which afterward can easily become an at-home weekly addiction. But I love the Turkish most for just how different all the sensory aspects are – the sounds of the water as it’s poured, the aromas of the products, the smooth feel of the clay, the pace at which the service moves – it all combines to form a spa service that just feels really special. 

Where do you go when it’s time for a little spa time and pampering?

Until soon…Toodles

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