5 Things Taking My Summer From Lukewarm to a Hot Girl Summer

I feel like my summer is off to a pretty interesting start- dare I say I’m having a ”Hot Girl Summer”? Or at the very least I’m at lukewarm, with things heating up pretty quickly. 

Now if you don’t know what that means it’s okay, I’ll bring you up to speed. There is a young rapper, Megan Thee Stallion, from Houston, Texas that coined the phrase and that has singled handily started a movement telling us to have a “Hot Girl Summer” (she encouraged the boys to do the same). Having a ”Hot Girl Summer” only requires that you be a Hot Girl that is confident, full of life, unapologetically you, and don’t give a damn what anybody thinks about you.  So I took that an applied to myself and my summer. Now let me be clear, mine does not include dancing on bars, partying until the next day, or any of those things I likely did in my 20’s. 

My Lukewarm to Hot Girl Summer Top 5:

Do Some Cool Shit That Scares You A Bit

Hot Girl Swanky Maven
Me, My Fro, and Vinyl

This is that stuff is on your bucket list that you keep skipping or that thing that is in your head, but you are too scared actually to do it. For some folks that could be traveling solo and for others it could be sky-driving. Whatever it is, I say be like Nike and JUST DO IT. For me, I’m going to DJ at a local bar in the city, and lots of friends will be there. I’m so scared, but I’m excited about it too! 

Do A Staycation

Magazines At Magnolia Hotel
Local Magazines Inside My Room at The Magnolia Hotel

If you just need or want a quick getaway, why not do it in the city in which you reside. Pack a bag, jump in the car, and head across town. I do these when I need me time or just wanna play in my home city for a weekend. 

Take A Fun Class

Learning how to cook a new dish and making candles is high on my list of classes to take this summer. We never stop learning, so why not be intentional about it and learn something that is of interest to you.

Sip On Adult Beverages With Your Peeps

Backyeard with friends drinking Modelo Beer
Friends Having Summer Fun

This is one that I hadn’t been doing lots of lately, and I miss it (the booze and the peeps). So plan some backyard fun with family and friends, or even an event. It can be whatever as long as you are spending time with the people that you enjoy. 

Hit The Road w/No Agenda or Destination In Mind

Just jump in your car and drive until you get tired of driving! Make sure you have a great playlist and a change of clothes, the rest you can figure out as you go. 

Disconnect From Devices and Social Media For 24 Hrs.

Reading At Hotel Magnolia
Taking Some Me Time

This one is hard for many, but it’s one of the best things you can do for your mental health. I mean no phones, computers, TV’s, or social media for an entire day. You must fill the day with reading, writing, talking to others, taking walks, etc. It’s called disconnecting to connect on a higher level! 

Confession time here…when I first heard Megan saying Hot Girl this and that, and then she made it a summer movement, I thought this is ”awesome for the young women!” See I was making it an age thing and not looking deeper. We can all enjoy ourselves and be unapologetic about it! Age is only a number that has no place when we are talking about enjoying ourselves. So, my turn up only looks different from what it did at when I was 21 and 31, and that’s perfectly okay. I’m still a HOT GIRL, DOIN HOT GIRL SHIT!

As the temperature goes up, so does my activities on my list. Stay tuned and follow me on Instagram @Swankymaven to see the next five! Then you all can tell me if I’m Lukewarm or HOT! Enjoy and drop some of your Hot Girl Summer fun in the comments.

Until soon…Toodles