My Favorite Crawfish Dishes In Houston

Confession time…As much as I love crawfish, I’m not willing to work for that little piece of meat (focus people)!!! Many folks say peeling and eating crawfish is about being social with the other folks peeling them or it’s very relaxing. To that I say, “y’all can have it, this one right here AINT DOIN IT!”

Here’s what I will do…I will hit up a spot that has done the work for me and created a “Shut the yum up” dish. If you are like me or want a crawfish heavy dish without the work, check out a few of my favorites…

Crawfish Handpies from Eunice
Crawfish Handpies from Eunice Restaurant

Crawfish Hand-Pies (limited time)

My peeps at Eunice Resturant could not wait for crawfish season to start because this was available the first day! It is everything that a handpie should be with the crawfish making a guest appearance. This one will likely be leaving as soon as crawfish season ends. If you find yourself there and this is the case, the crawfish etouffee will provide comfort and leave you with a happy Buddha! 

Crawfish Hash from BB Lemon
Crawfish Hash from B.B. Lemon (Image by Jenn Duncan)

Crawfish Hash at B.B. Lemon (served w/ poached eggs and blackened hollandaise)

Not only does B.B. Lemon have one of my favorite brunches in the city, but they also have this “CAN I LICK THE PLATE” and have more dish! When I saw the picture of it I stopped what I was doing and made a reservation for brunch! It truly tastes exactly like it looks. The crawfish and potato component join together in what I’m calling a texture and taste lovefest!  

crawfish-bucatini at Riel Houston
Crawfish Bucatini from Riel Houston

Crawfish Bucatini at Riel

The pasta and crawfish gods joined forces and dropped this little gem in Chef Ryan Lachaine spirit because it is the kind of dish one has dreams about (cheesy but true)! The crawfish cream plays very nicely with the English peas.

Crawfish Queso at Poitin

What else do you need to know??? It’s freakin queso and crawfish! Chef Dominick Lee added crawfish to this Texas favorite and had the nerve to add pork skins for dipping into the queso. You will definitely be speaking in yums by the time you are done with all this deliciousness!

Crawfish Bread at La Lucha

If you’ve dined at La Lucha, you know that there are only winners on the menu, and the crawfish bread is no exception. With a plethora of crawfish sandwiched in between French bread, think pressed poboy, this is a winner

Where are some of the spots you all like to go and get your crawfish fix when you aren’t in the mood for peeling or sucking the heads? 

You should also try:

*Cornbread & Crawfish from Etta’s Kitchen served at Bar 5015’s weekend brunch
*Crawfish Pho from LA Crawfish
*Crawfish Rolls served during Happy Hour at Riel Restaurant

Until soon…Toodles