What I Order From These Top 5 Houston BBQ Spots

With one of my favorite BBQ events happening on April 14th, and me launching my new site, I’m republishing my post about what I order from 5 of the top BBQ spots in Houston…

  I decided to finally answer a question that I get asked all the time, “What do you order when you go to (insert a BBQ spot that I frequent)???” Now, this is usually hard for me to answer with anything besides, “It depends on the day!” I answer like that because it truly does depend on the day, the specials, how I’m feeling, the weather, and lots of other things that I’ll keep to myself because I don’t need y’all judging me and my process????.

One thing that I do and suggest to everyone when making their first visit to a new BBQ spot is to order EVERYTHING on the menu that you like or are curious about! This may seem over the top, but you must trust the process. It will allow you the opportunity to taste the things you like most and narrow the list to the dishes you are lovin’. You may also need to bring reinforcements to get you through this process because that’s a lot of meat. If you are serious about your BBQ, you get me and can skip ahead to what I order.

This list is focused on BBQ spots that I go to all the time, and that will also be at the Houston BBQ Festival 2018.

Corkscrew BBQ

Corkscrew BBQ

Location: Spring, Texas

Pitmaster: Will Buckman

What I order: I usually get something I like to call “The Grown Woman Platter” (this is not on the menu and my own greedy girl creation). It has smoked turkey, brisket, sausage, pork ribs, two sides (I usually get creamy potato salad and BBQ beans), and something special. My something special varies- if it’s a Saturday I will get the chicken or a beef rib, and during the week it’s a chopped beef baked potato loaded.

Truth BBQ

Truth BBQ Sampler Plate

Location: Houston & Brenham

Pitmaster: Leonard Botello IV

What I order: This is one of the few places I eat all my sides and save room for a few bites of dessert (I pack what’s left to go). I usually order a beef rib, brisket, and smoked turkey. Just as important as the meat is the corn pudding and a slice of Mama Truth’s (Leonard’s mom) homemade cakes.

Ray’s BBQ Shack

Rays BBQ RipTips

Location: Houston

Pitmaster: Ray Busch

What I order: Rib Tips are my all-time favorite thing to get when I go to Ray’s. But I also love the boudin, pork ribs, and the off-menu special of smoked oxtails.

Louie Mueller Barbecue

Louie Mueller BBQ sampler plate

Location: Taylor, Texas

Pitmaster: Wayne Mueller

What I Order: When I make my way to the “cathedral of smoke” (a title given because the BBQ is so damn good), I always get a beef rib, pork spare ribs, baby back ribs, and jalapeño sausage. I would be utterly irresponsible if I didn’t tell you to add a piece of cornbread to your order!

Gatlin’s BBQ

Gatlins BBQ Fatty Brisket

Location: Houston

Pitmaster: Greg Gatlin

What I Order: The fatty brisket, deer sausage, and smoked turkey are my go-to items. They have delicious specials, so I may grab a special and get the meats above to go. The dirty rice, BBQ beans, and creamed corn are in the rotation when I get one of the combination plates.

Let me know in the comments if you’d like to see more of my favorite BBQ spots and what I order from their menu!

Are any of these your faves and if so what do you order?


Until soon…Toodles