7 Reasons To Love Eunice Houston

Oh, Eunice how I love thee! I can say I honestly loved this place before they even opened (true story). The only thing they had to do is live up to the expectations I had in my head and that I verbally shared with Chef Drake Leonards at our first meeting months before the restaurant opened- who the hell does that! My share was mostly about how much the city needed Eunice and some things that they would need to do to win over diners and be successful in this major food city. The first thing I said after saying serve up good food, was please be consistent with the food quality, taste, and customer experience. Fast forward to today, and it appears they are winning the city over one bowl of gumbo and BBQ lobster at a time! Chef Leonards and team open Eunice each day with their focus on quality food and top-notch dining experience for their guest! 

There are many reasons to love Eunice and before I get into the food, let me bless y’all with these Eunice Love Nuggets.

Things To Love

Happy  Hour At Eunice
Happy Hour At Eunice
  • Two words…Happy Hour! During HH the snacks are half price, and the raw oysters are .75 cents, which makes me a very happy girl. They have a nice selection of wines, beers, and cocktails that are half off as well. 
  • The express lunch is not only a good deal but gives customers something different to look forward to each day. For $17, diners can select a salad or gumbo, plus an entree of the day. My favorite two days are Monday for the Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Red Beans and Popcorn Rice. Then on Tuesday when they serve Slow Roast Pork Jambalaya with Tasso, Andouille, and Crispy Rice. 

Menu Love

Blue Crab Tartine

Let me start by saying; this is a menu that I could close my eyes and point to something on it and tell my server to bring it. Why? Because I know I’m going to enjoy it! That being said here is my list of “Yes Please” and “Shut The Yum Up Dishes”...

  • Blue Crab Tartine (avocado, ravigote, petite herbs)- This tartine is what avocado toast aspires to be! The blue crab and avocado work perfectly together. 
  • New Orleans BBQ Lobster (soppin toast)- Just when you thought it couldn’t get much better than bbq shrimp, Eunice gives us frickin BBQ Lobster! The best bit for me is to gather some lobster along with a little sauce that has been sopped up with some toast. Now that is some good eatin!
  • Fried Bandera Quail (Tabasco honey)- The Tabasco honey make this extra special. TRUST me!
  • Brussel Sprouts (hazelnuts, chili’s, fresh cheese)- Texture, heat, and big flavor! It’s hard to stop eating them. 
  • Desserts– In my opinion, you need to get them all and decide from there! 
Assortment of Desserts

Have you dined at Eunice yet, and if so what’s your favorite menu item?

Until soon…Toodles