Show & Tell: Pampa Grill Houston

It’s Show & Tell time, and this one is all about a fantastic restaurant that is serving delicious food!

short ribs & olivier salad
Short Ribs & Olivier Salad

As much as I love trying out all the new restaurants in my city or even when I’m traveling, there is nothing look going to one of my Tried & True spots. One of my faves is Pampa Grill & Market in Houston. This Argentinian spot is an authentic market and restaurant.

I usually get the same thing whenever I go- empanadas beef or four cheese, something from the grill like short ribs or ribeye, and Olivier salad. A few other dishes that are must-haves are the blood sausage and the pasta dishes. If I’m dining with a group, I will add a few of those favorites in the mix, along with a La Pampa Grill Parrilladas which includes Black Angus short ribs, Flank and Skirt steak, Chicken, Sausage and Blood Sausage, Sweetbreads, and Chinchulin. I find myself going back to my staples on my regular visits because usually, that’s what made me stop by in the first place!

Beef & Four Cheese Empanadas with a bottle of wine
Beef & Four Cheese Empanadas with a bottle of wine

A BONUS…They are a BYOB restaurant, so bring your favorite bottle of wine and get ready for a lovely night of dining and sipping with family and friends, or solo.

What is one of your favorite Tried & True spots in your city or when you are traveling to one of your favorite cities?

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Until soon…Toodles

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